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Wellcome to MiorSoft

Here you can find and download applications for Windows (from XP to 10) developed by MiorSoft.

Main Projects:

PhotoModularFX [PORTABLE]
Create Custom unlimited photo Effects by parallel processing Flow. Create project flows, by nodal editing, connecting inputs and outputs. Output images can be used to process other images. (The image itself become the effect)

CartoonizeMe Predecessor of PhotoModularFX. Nice program to create a Cartoon-Style to apply to Photos and Videos. (The process of Video frames extraction and encoding is done automatically)

Learn 2D Stick free [PORTABLE]
Download here portable Learn2DStick. Software that simulate 2D Evolving Creatures.

Video Demo:

Other Projects:

VideoExtractEncode free [PORTABLE]
A simple portable App that can be used to extract frames from video as JPG or to encode JPGs frame files (+audio) as a new video. (It could be used to generate videos using the output frames of learn2DSticks.)

Source Code (VB6):

Github Source Code inspired by famous Slither.io game. Look Demo Video.

Old code posted to Planet-Source-Code.

Whole GitHub


Take a look to miorsoft Videos on Youtube channel.
You may find nice/usefull softwares and examples still not in this list or available for download.

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